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    Each day there are THOUSANDS of Northern California consumers searching online for legal information.
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    Lawyers in FOCUS works to attract new clients, so you can grow your business.
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    Grow Your Law Firm

    Lawyers In FOCUS is located right here in Northern California. We know the market, and we know what it takes to drive new business to your law firm.
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Free Consultation at Your Office With Lawyers In FOCUS

Schedule a free consultation today with an experienced legal marketing consultant.

Schedule a free consultation today with an experienced legal marketing consultant.


Compete & WIN!

Law firm Internet marketing solutions from Lawyers In FOCUS are designed to help your Northern California firm compete stronger online to win more clients and grow your business. We do all the work, so you can practice law!

Our services are scalable to fit any budget:

Fully Responsive Law Firm Websites

There is an incredible opportunity right now for law firms to compete stronger by migrating to a responsive for ALL devices design. Responsive websites dramatically improve user experience, and can even have a positive impact on search rankings.

Search Engine Visibility / Content Marketing

There is a lot of talk these days about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, that can leave heads spinning. What is it? Well, in its simplest form, SEO is really "content marketing". We help get your content in front of quality clients to grow business.

Law Firm Advertising

Further your brand and take more control over your online image. Lawyers In FOCUS offers unique online advertising solutions that are focused on building brand equity and online visibility. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn more.

Your new law firm website will look great on desktops...
...brilliant on tablets...
and perfect for mobile!
  • Stand Out From Other Firms
  • Engage With Prospective Clients

Lawyers In FOCUS uses advanced future-forward technology & solutions that will help you compete stronger and win new clients. We offer the latest in responsive website design, advertising tools, and successful search engine visibility tactics exclusively for law firms right here in Northern California.


Lawyers In FOCUS helps you engage with prospective clients in several ways that work to build your online image, credibility, authority, and trust that ultimately attracts the right types of clients to your firm.


Search Phrase Categories

Is your firm missing opportunities?
Prospects typically turn to the Internet early on to research their issue (long-tail search). They might not even know they need an attorney. Connecting with them early in the process -- before they search specifically for an attorney (vanity search) -- will dramatically improve your chances of converting them when they are ready to speak with a lawyer.

Branded Search
Vanity Search
Longtail Search

Recent Projects

Learn about the latest Lawyers In FOCUS responsive website projects.

  • Martin "Jamie" Elmer, Esq.

    Family Law

  • Marvin Firestone, MD•JD

    Personal Injury

  • Marvin Firestone, MD•JD

    Professional License Defense

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  • "4 years ago I left FindLaw and haven't looked back."

    I was with FindLaw for approximatly 5 years. Results were mediocre at best, and the prices were very high. I turned to Lawyers In FOCUS back in 2011, and I am very glad I did. Leads are consistent, and more importantly, they turn into paying clients.

    image Daniel E. Chavez - Immigration Attorney
  • "We are going on year 3 with Lawyers In FOCUS. They deliver results!"

    I was starting up my family law practice and I knew I needed to market online. I looked at Scorpion, FindLaw, Lexis, and the rest of the “lawyer marketing” companies. We chose Lawyers In FOCUS. They are affordable and deliver results. I highly recommend Lawyers In FOCUS to any law firm looking to grow their practice.

    image Stacy Sabatini, esq. - Family Law Attorney
  • "Our Lawyers In FOCUS consultant is helpful, informative, and always available."

    Our law firm was with FindLaw since 2004. I decided to make the switch to Lawyers In FOCUS because FindLaw was expensiveand we were no longer seeing the results we needed. We are glad we made the switch!

    image Gerald Christiansen - Business Manager, Law Offices of Susan E. Christiansen
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